Book Review – Even Dogs in the Wild by Ian Rankin

Book Review – Even Dogs in the Wild by Ian Rankin

Even Dogs in the Wild finds Ian Rankin’s most famous creation, Detective InspectorJohn Rebus doing what he does best, clashing with colleagues and criminals, drinking too much, and coming up against the darkest nature of human existence.

He is now officially retired, but is keeping his hand in, helping colleague Siobahn Clarke and Malcolm Fox, but even there, there are changes, with cut-backs severely reducing the amount of money that the force has to spend, and Fox, already feeling doubts about his position has to travel from Edinburgh to Dundee to cover shifts, and when an upstanding lawyer is found dead, with a threatening note, it is all he needs, so he calls in Rebus to lend his expertise.

Around the outskirts of his life, Rebus is changing. Once a policeman, always a policeman, it gets in the blood, give officers a sense of belonging, of going the extra mile. As the investigation into the Judges’ death continues, it appears that he was the victim of a criminal turf war. When Ger Cafferty, once one of Rebus’s sworn enemies returns to his life, they are no longer on the opposite side of the law. There is a deep respect between both men, each recognising something of themselves in the other.

This is an excellent addition to Rebus’s ever-evolving story and shows how, as an older man, he is no longer fit for active duty, but still has a lot to offer to his former paymasters.


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