CD Review – Holler and Howl by Rusty Jacks

CD Review


 Holler and Howl is one of those albums that ticks all of the right buttons. Passionate vocals, fluent guitar and harmonica breaks, a rocking rhythm section, fine songs that stand comparison with the two covers, and an inventive spirit that covers blues, rock, funk and jazz styles. The Irish quintet describe themselves as a Southern Rock Band, and indeed all of the touchstones are there, the sounds of the Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, JJ Cale, share space with a much more Irish rock sensibility. The lyrical slide guitar on songs such as Bad Seeds shares as much with Rory Gallagher as it does with Duane Allman, while there is a certain Irish lilt to the ragtime acoustic of Paid My Dues, and the folk blues sound is carried over in the closing The Sun is Shining with a fine Harmonica solo. There is much to like on this album, and the covers of The Hunter and the overplayed Good Morning Little Schoolgirl by Sonny Boy Williamson show some imagination in adding something new to these workhouses. Rockers such as ‘Saturday Night Again’ (Help me/Green Onions with a faster beat and different lyrics) and long blues numbers such as Down In The Gutter show that Rusty jacks would be a good live band, and this album is a fine introduction to a band that has already delivered much. For further information,  visit


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