Book Review – Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo

Jo Nesbo is best known as the creator of Detective Harry Hole in a number of his novels, but the central character in Blood on Snow couldn’t be any further removed from Nesbo’s most famous creation. Olav is a fixer. He fixes people. Terminally. So he is an assassin for hire, down on his luck, removing the tiny obstacles from people’s lives. He has a code that he lives by, but it becomes increasingly complicated, when he falls for his boss’s wife, and his next job is to kill her.  As he tries to protect her, whilst going about his usual business, he realises that there is no easy way out of his dilemma, and if he doesn’t kill her himself, his own life will be put at risk, particularly if his boss finds about the relationship that is swiftly developing between the two. As we have come to expect from Nesbo, the book starts with a bang, and continues, through many action set-pieces, as Olav fixes a number of people throughout the book. We learn about his favourite ways of assassination, of his relationship with his family, of the life choices he made that led to his current occupation. This is an action packed read, with characterisation, and crime pushed to the forefront.

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