CD Review – Bare Bones Boogie Band

CD Review – Bare Bones Boogie Band

Bare Bones Boogie Band 7 out of 10

The debut album from the Bare Bones Boogie Band finds the four piece on fine form, as they play through a set of largely original songs. The group, led by Joplinesqe singer Helen Turner is about a good time, the heavy beat and stratospheric blues lick, although they also have a softer side. The rhythm section of bassist Trev Turley and drummer Andy Jones keep things grounded, whilst the kossoff like guitar of Iain Black, who also wrote the vast majority of songs adds a new dimension.Songs such as ‘Baby, Baby be mine’ is a mid tempo rocker, whilst ‘Black Cat Strikes back’ hangs on a more jazz like ambience.’Full Tilt Boogie Man’ and ‘Sister Sunshine’ are chordal rockers. The Janis Joplin song ‘One good Man’ gives full vent to Helen Taylor’s vocal talents, whilst their cover of ‘I’d rather go blind’ shows the band in full ballad mode. From research, I gather this group is best in the live arena, and if the albums anything to go by, they will be well worth seeing live

Ben Macnair

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