CD Reissue Review Anson Funderburgh and the Rockets – She Knocks me out

CD Reissue Review

Anson Funderburgh and the Rockets – She Knocks me out

Hepcat Records – 6 out of 10

This reissue is the latest from the Black-Top Records vaults and finds a blues band in good form.

Although it is released under Funderburgh’s name, he is really only one of 5 on the discs. His guitar playing does not draw attention to itself, sitting neatly amongst band arrangements of staples from the blues catalogue.

Songs by stalwarts such as Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon and Little Milton take the Lion’s share of the disc, with only three originals written by band members. Title track ‘She knocks me out’ is a retread of the music to ‘Great ball of Fire’ and is written by the group’s vocalist Darrell Nuisch, ‘Two for Pete’ is a boogie woogie piano solo written by the band’s keyboard player Doug Rynack, whilst ‘Is there something inside you?’ by Nulisch takes more influence from early 1950’s rock and roll ballads than it does from the blues.

The band does nothing really new with the arrangements of these songs. Sonny Boy Williamson’s ‘Your Funeral and My Trial’takes the original and simply plays it on electric instruments. James Moore’s ‘Gonna keep what I’ve got’ is a simply rave up, featuring a harmonica solo from Darrell Nullisch, whilst  James A Lane’s ‘Goin’ Away’ only ups the original’s tempo by a small fraction.

This is a good album, but it really brings nothing new to the table.


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