Theatre Review – Cold Calling: The Arctic Project


It is very rare these days for theatres to take chances on new shows, or new ideas, and although the audience is there for something different, this audience does not bankroll one of the most creative, and undervalued industries currently developing, so it was good to see a new show, using new ideas, and new music, to cast a spell over a captivated audience.

Using the talents of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, and the work of some very talented film makers, including Simon Wainwright, Cold Calling: The Arctic Project was an immersive experience, blending the glacial, serenely majestic music and sound design of Nick Powell, with written episodes created by Anthony Neilsen, and the voices of actors Jan Pearson and Waleed Akhtar.

Although the beauty of the soundscape, created live by more than twenty musicians, and recorded cues, the mood that the images created was one of loneliness, of mortality, and fleeting moments. The music contained dischordant notes  and passages at opportune moments, as well as many techniques within the films to bring out surprises for the audience.  Although the show was only short, at fifty minutes there was a lot to digest, showing the beauty, and humanity that is to be found in the solitude, near the ends of the world.

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