CD Review – Cliff Stevens by Cliff Stevens

Cliff Stevens’s eponymously titled debut is a fine calling card for this talented musician. He leads from the front, playing electric guitar and some fine slide, as well as having a finely wrought vocal style and some quality songs. The songs are mostly his own, but he includes some choice covers, such as charged interpretations of Albert King’s ‘Got to be some changes made’ and the classical    ‘I Get Evil’.  The instrumental ‘Finger Express’ is an SRV style rave up, whilst ‘Crying my Heart Out’ is a fine bluesy ballad, with some fine rhythm guitar and piano parts. The supporting players are all on good form, although in some cases it is a blues album by numbers, with studio set closer ‘Said the Wrong thing’ which is in reality little more than a re-write of Gary Moore’s ‘Since I met you Baby’, which is a near title of one of the originals on the album.As a bonus, the CD also contains live versions of ‘Change the World’ and ‘I’m Tore Down’ from his day job in an Eric Clapton tribute act. There are some fine moments on this album, which is bound to appeal to blues fans, but is not really a title from anyone wanting variety on their albums.

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