12 short pieces inspired by dice, chance, and the works of William Shakespeare.


The bloodsucking

Assassination aroused

The suspicions of

The coroner laying out the

Blue body on the table





Playing Poker

At the table.



Aerial plays the harp

As if she is besmirching

The good names of

Angels drinking each other

Under the table, squiffy on Blue Nun.


There was no time to save the sideboard,

Ship-wrecked transcendence didn’t help,

As it plunged into the murky depths of the green sea.

Suffocating, the Captain called for the dabtoes,

Shuddering to a stop, their last moments

Before the rigging fell were spent in fitful repose.

Stillborn ideas bore no fruit on dead branches,

As one by one the hungry sea, and its citizens

Swallowed the whole, crushing bones, squeezing air from lungs,

Returning to the ocean to its usual tranquil state.



The dentist set my teeth on edge,

As she slowly removed the pound of flesh,

And waited with baited breath,

The flaming youth had no idea what she was doing,

Being so many decades away from death.


Your sleeve is not the best place for your heart,

You will spill so much blood for a start.


The lean and hungry look

Is what you get from the cook,

Who makes her casseroles from laughing stock.


The naked truth

Is best avoided,

If you don’t want to be remembered

For what Roy did.


If you are neither here or there,

You are lost.


I have not slept a wink,

Which is why this

Has neither rhyme nor reason.


A door nail doesn’t have much of a life,

All of that time spent meeting with hammers,

Maybe we should be as murdered as a doornail.


At one,fell swoop nothing much was happening,

For such a stupid address.

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