CD Review – They Came from Somewhere by Clothesline Revival

CD Review – They Came from Somewhere by Clothesline Revival

Paleo Music – ISBN – 75731250321MI0002956661

They came from Somewhere’ is not an album in the usual sense. It is a series of instrumental soundscapes that sound like they come from a film soundtrack. The type of music that might fit in an intelligent indie film, the type that someone like Wes Anderson might make. It is the work of Conrad Praetzel, who as well as playing most of the instruments also produced and arranged most of the 13 tracks on the album. Instruments such as electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, bass, keyboards, and banjos sit safely alongside samples, drum machines, and atmospheric tracks. A number of other musicians contribute, such as Harmonica legend Charlie Musselwhite on the bluesy sounding ‘Washed Away Blues’ and ‘Orange Clown Train’, whilst Robert Powell adds Lap Steel Guitar to the experimental opening track ‘Voice of the Lobster’ and Pedal Steel to three tracks, the best of which is ‘Beautiful Home’ which starts of as a country gospel piece featuring sampled singing, before beats and other instruments come in. It maybe the type of thing that Moby did years ago, but here it adds a lot to the album. There is nothing really dangerous about this album, but it is a wholly satisfying mix of blues, jazz, and folk sounds with more modern production techniques, and should be heard by more people than its rather narrow niche may allow it.


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