CD Review – Swim by The Whispertown 2000

CD Review – Swim by The Whispertown 2000

Acony Records – 805147 080621

47960001.jpgSwim, the latest album from The Whispertown 2000 finds the four piece band ploughing the alt-country/pop furrow.

With stylistics nods of the head to a Female led The Thrills or early Ryan Adams, they have also roped in special guests Gillan Welch and David Rawlings as well as Jenny Lewis to add harmony vocals and acoustic guitar.

The album starts with the jaunty 103 which takes its cue from Lennon and McCartney’s When I am Sixty Four, but in a slightly bleaker way. Done with Love finds the band in a different territory with a brooding soundscape and singers Morgan Nagler and Vanesa Corbala almost channelling a country version of Morrisey in the coda.

Most of the album is slower, such as Pushing Oars which sounds like an anaemic KT Tunstall. No Dope is a vocal and guitar dirge, whilst Atlantis is a touching piano and 5 vocal part song. Lock and Key shows the influence of the Rolling Stones in the rhythm section, with a hiccupping Buddy Holly vocal line.

f04dc17c8b324d99b1f1454479090213From the Start/Jamboree lifts the pace of the album with its bluegrass style rhythm and vocal harmonies and Dylan like Harmonica parts, with an acoustic guitar coda. Ebb and Flow is a post modern blues song with an interesting guitar part from Tod Adrian Wisenbaker, and album closer Mountain finishes the set with a polite and tuneful song.

This is a decent album, and does nothing to embarrass anyone involved in it, but the group are playing to safe in a genre which is already over-subscribed by bands who play this type of music.


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