CD Review – Pete Gavin – Love and Science

CD Review – Pete Gavin – Love and Science

Pete_FrontwebRedox Rec – 1097-11

8 out of 10

‘Love and Science’ is an interesting music project from Pete Gavin.

It is a duet album, that features Pete Gavin on guitar, vocals and harmonica, and Uwe Christian Muller. There are elements of the blues, folk, classical and jazz, but it cannot be easily pigeon-holed. The opening ‘Living in a Loaf of Bread’ looks at Science, and features a jaunty harmonica solo, whilst ‘It’s   alright (relatively speaking’ sounds like an acoustic Who fronted by Richard Thompson, who vocally Pete Gavin most resembles.

He has an interesting why with lyrics that stray far away from the usual song writing clichés, such as String Theory and worm holes, whilst the bluesy slide guitar of ‘God Rolls Dice’ is what the blues boom would have sounded like if philosophy had been a compulsory subject. All of this variety is in the first three tracks.

The lack of a rhythm section means that more space is left to the guitar and cello, which always play in support of the song. ‘Teller’s tune’ sounds like the Buddy Holly/Johnny Cash song that was never written, whilst the boogie patterns of ‘Atom Bomb boogie’ adds a jokey refrain to a very serious subject.

This is not really an album for light relief, it is more like a novel which demands your time, and repays it handsomely. Further information is available from

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