CD Review – Outside, looking in by Tommy Lee Cooke

TomPic1CD Review – Outside Looking in by Tommy Lee Cook


8 out of 10

The singer-songwriter Tommy Lee Cook has found himself a good set of songs, and a fine group of musicians for his latest release, Outside Looking in.

The group, such as it features Danny Shepard on electric guitar, backing vocals, and midi-programming, Pat ‘Cleanhead’ Hayes on Harmonica and Tommy Lee Cook on electric and acoustic guitar, dobro, ead vocals, and midi programming, and even though there is no acoustic drummer, the use of a drum machine, and programmed keyboards and brass do not detract from the sound of this album.

Opener ‘What you gonna do?’ has an incredibly full sound, whilst the more rural sounding ‘God’s Little Acre’ has a swamp rock sound and copious dobro, and ‘Take a Breath’ is a story song with a rolling rhythm, and some fine clean blues guitar interjections. The soul ballad ‘This Old Flame’ sounds like Robbie Robertson’s middle era writing, and ‘Grits and Groceries’ has a catchy brass part and some fine singing.

A fine effort, well recorded, featuring some good moments, and worthwhile.

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