10 Pieces of advice for Writers

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10 pieces of advice for Writers


1) If you want to be rich, don’t be a writer, but if you want to be happy, then write.

2) Don’t compare yourself to other writers, find what is different about what you do.

3) Do write as well and as often as you can.

4) If you write short stories and feel sad when you need to kill a character, it shows you care. If you care, hopefully other people will care as well.

5) Always meet deadlines, but do not send a piece away until you are happy with it.

6) Give a piece time to develop. It will not seem the same in six month as it does now.

7) Push yourself to write, but not so far that it intrudes upon your creativity.

8) Let other people read what you write. Feedback and constructive criticism is always needed for a Writer’s development.

9) Find readers whose judgement you trust and respect, and who will not hold back just in case they hurt your feelings.

10) Take all advice with a pinch of salt. It is your writing, and your story.


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