For business

I am afraid we can no longer justify your position, said the Manager.

Thinking about how he would spend his bonus,

getting fat of some-one else’s work,

He twiddles his executive thumbs

around a broken Newton’s Cradle.

I am afraid that we cannot afford redundancy payments, said the manager,

thinking about the perks of watching a game from the Director’s Box.


I am afraid that we cannot pay you more, said the Manager,

to the remaining Staff.

We will just expect you to work harder, for a lot less,

said the Manager, parachuted in above his station.

His consultancy fees alone break the budget

of a company to close to the edge.


We must put on a good show, said the Manager,

low morale and idle chatter will not be tolerated,

and anyone who is not a yes man,

can be easily terminated.


Months later, the Manager was downsized,

his perks were all taken away,

until he sued for unlawful dismissal,

and took the whole firm down with him.

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