CD Review – Still Making History by Ana Popovic

AP 2CD Review – Still Making History – Ana Popovic

(Electro Groove – 50021 00148)

7 out of 10 star

The latest album from Serbian guitarist/singer songwriter Ana Popovic draws on a series of influences, whilst maintaining a distinctive identity of her own.

The music changes from straight forward blues, to jazz with elements of rock and reggae helping to tell blues stories from a different perspective. The immigration issue is featured in ‘Hold on’ and ‘Shadow after Dark’, whilst other songs such as ‘Hungry’ and Willie Mae Thornton’s ‘You don’t move me’ concentrate on relationships.

The guitar playing draws on Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, with some very good slide guitar featuring throughout the album, but also has echoes of Wes Montgomery, whilst her singing has elements of Bonnie Raitt and such rock orientated singers as Anastacia. The use of a strong band, with brass and Hammond Organ and which features singer and keyboard player John Cleary also helps to add to the mix.

The growing confidence in both song-writing and playing, as well as a developing voice means that Ana Popovic will be a name to look out for in the future.



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