CD Review – Jeff Beck – Live+



Rhino records

Jeff Beck 1Anybody who saw Jeff Beck’s 2014 tour will be pleased by the resulting live album. Capturing a selection of music from Beck’s career, with a very accomplished band, as well as Beck’s sterling guitar work, the album also features vocalist Jimmy Hall, bassist and singer Rhonda Smith, drummer Jonathan Joseph, and guitarist Nicolas Meier, they cover everything from tribal, techno rhythms to lush Irish balladry. Although Beck has never really been known as a composer, some of his best known collaborations, such as Big Block and Where Were You both receive a good workout, whilst the beauty of Beck’s phrasing is shown to its best advantage during the solo rendition of Danny Boy. Ensemble standouts feature throughout the album, from Meier’s exemplary support work during Little Wing, or the blues infused Rollin’ and Tumblin’ which is a fine showcase for the rhythm work of Rhonda Smith and Jonathan Joseph, whilst the two studio tracks, which finish the album, Tribal, and My Tiled White Floor are indicators of Beck’s future intentions. For anyone who is already familiar with Beck’s work, this is another example of his distinctive playing, his wide range of musical interests, and his way of putting together exemplary bands. For anyone who is new to the man’s work, this is a very fine way of seeing just how an electric guitar can sound when left to its own devices.

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