Single Review – Satisfaction by Electro Soul

Electro Soul Front Artwork_tempSingle Review – Satisfaction by Electro Soul

Electro Soul Satisfaction – Electro Avenue Records.

Satisfaction’ is the latest collaboration between vocalist Mic Murphy and keyboard player David Frank. The duo, were best known in the 1980’s as ‘The System’ for their pioneering mix of electronic sounds and production, with soulful live vocals and real instruments. Their sound was heard on the soundtracks of ‘Coming to America’ and ‘Beverly Hills Cop’, whilst their collaborations with other acts such as Chaka Khan, Phil Collins and Angela Bofill led to many appearances in the musical conscience.

In ‘Satisfaction’ most of their ingredients are there. It consists of 80’s style Keyboards, electronic drums, and Murphy’s vocals soar over the track. The single release consists of Electro Soul’s version of the song, as well as four other remixes.

The rap on track 2, Seymour Bits Nite Life Mix is a particular highlight, whilst all five treatments bring something new to the original mix. Track 3, DMX Krew’s Remix removes many of the backing instruments, but leaves the vocal line intact, whilst the sbassship remix slows the track down to a slow, almost Massive Attack like ambience, and track 5 by Funkmaster Ozone is even more brooding, using synthesised vocals and none of the keyboard playing that added so much to the original version.

It is good to have the duo back, and hopefully the energy of this new song may well lead to another album.

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