CD Review – Skerryvore by Skerryvore

CD Review – Skerryvore by Skerryvore – Tyree Records

4 out of 5 stars

skerryvore-auchenstoshan-jul14 069

Skerryvore’s eponymously titled third album shows the rock/trad band consolidating old ground and setting out on new roads. The group, led by singer and guitarist Alec Dalglish cover a lot of ground on the eleven tracks on the album. It starts with ‘Path to home’ which shares a style with Runrig’s more melodic style, while ‘Simple Life’ could be a lost song from Lindisfarne, and includes a coda that manages to sound like Simon and Garfunkel, and KD Lang, whilst still maintaining Skerryvore’s own sonic fingerprints. A number of instrumental tracks show the talents of Martin Gillespie on Bagpipes and Accordion, Daniel Gillespie on Accordion, and fiddle player Craig Espie. ‘Gairm a Chuain’ (Call of the Sea) shows a slower side to the band’s sound, whilst ‘Wit’s End’ gives Wolfstone a run for their money. The touching ballad ‘Smile in the Stars’ shows a gentler side to the band, with one of those melodic guitar solos you hope goes on for a lot longer than it does, whilst ‘Angry Fiddler’ is a mish mash of techno brutality and Olympic standard musicianship, all funky, wah wah guitar, resonant, slap bass, and dextrous fiddle playing. The closing song ‘Home to Donegal’ is a live track, that shows the popularity and following the band is slowly gaining, and judging by the evidence on this album, the group is set for the big-time, whatever that mean these days.


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